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Creating a podcast is like crafting a piece of art with your voice, and what's a masterpiece without a stunning cover?


That's where The Designer in Your Pocket comes in – I'm your go-to destination for podcast cover art design services.

I understand the power of first impressions.


Your podcast cover is the digital storefront to your audio world, the visual representation of your unique voice, your passion, and your message.


My mission? To make sure your podcast gets noticed, listened to, and loved.

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Single Cover Art Design


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Choose Your Own Podcast Package

Cover Art, YouTube Thumbnail, Audiogram (solo),

Audiogram (guest), Instagram Reel,

Facebook/Instagram Story

Starts at $300

*24-48 hour turnaround available - extra fee may apply

Why choose the Designer in Your Pocket?

Well, I'm not just a designer; I'm a storyteller.

I immerse myself in the essence of your podcast, taking every theme, emotion, and vision you have and transforming it into an eye-catching, scroll-stopping work of art.

Whether it's a thrilling true-crime show, a heartwarming storytelling venture, or a laugh-inducing comedy series, I've got your back.

Ready to level up your podcast's visual game? Let's chat!

Together, we'll craft a podcast cover that not only reflects your unique style but also invites listeners to hit that "Play" button.

Your podcast deserves to be heard, and I'm here to help you make a
memorable first impression.

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