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About Me...

PS Virtual Solutions: Defined

How I can help...

PS Virtual Solutions provides administrative, technical, and creative support services to other businesses from a remote location. I fully engage in much of my clients' daily tasks necessary to operate their business efficiently and effectively.  While I'm handling your day-to-day tasks, you are able to focus on the greater picture which is generating revenue for your businesses. 


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Hi, I'm Melissa!

CEO of  PS Virtual Solutions

I help small business owners to succeed by helping improve their online presence. Did you know that it only takes .5 seconds to determine a business' web page credibility??? Seriously, half of a second, to determine if your business is credible. The quality of your website should ALWAYS match the quality of your brand. If it doesn't, I can help. Let's give your site a "design face-lift" so we can increase your credibility, thus increasing your sales conversions. Allow me to help complete your daily tasks that always seem to pile up, weighing you down, keeping you from focusing on the bigger picture. Together, we'll take your business to the next level and find your Perfect Solution.

A little more about me...

I currently reside in the Asheville area of Western North Carolina, along with my husband and 4 wonderful children who are my pride and joys. As a VA, I enjoy helping others by making their lives easier, while having the freedom to work remotely.  I specialize in providing research, social media, organizational and  administrative support to small business owners, like yourself, so you can focus on the greater picture; running your business, simplifying your workload, and making money.