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Hi there!

I'm Melissa!

I help service based business owners show up with cohesive branding so they can become instantly recognizable, build trust and ultimately make more money.

Having a cohesive design approach to your brand can help ensure you make a good first impression, regardless of which platform you're using: e.g. website, social media, ads, etc. You want to portray the same message that reflects your brand effectively.

Implementing a cohesive brand strategy and voice in all aspects of your business is essential to draw in your ideal clients/customers.

6 reasons why having a 

Cohesive Branding

is important:

  1. Instant identity

  2. Make a positive first impression

  3. Build trust

  4. Increase sales

  5. Become rememberable

  6. Stand out from your competition

How cohesive are your visual assets?

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