Hi, I'm Melissa!

Efficient and Committed

I help small business owners to succeed by helping improve their online presence.


First answer these questions: Do you ever feel like you're being bogged down by over-flowing emails, appointment scheduling, or simply finding the time to send out thank you cards?  Or are you wanting to spend more time with your family, not working 14+ hours per day doing the tasks you dread.  Want to know if bringing a virtual assistant, or VA, on-board is a wise and lucrative decision? The answer is simple: Absolutely!  I provide professional administrative, technical, creative or organizational assistance to clients remotely from my home office.  This is called outsourcing.  With my help, you can go back to focusing on running your business, simplifying your workload, making money, and having the time to do whatever it is that you love to do when you're not at work.  


But not limited to...



Organized and Efficient



Jump Ahead of the Competition

When you decide to work with PS Virtual Solutions, you get to take advantage of all the extra perks, such as this tool, designed to allow you to schedule a Zoom call with me with a simple click of the button.

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