Hello, I'm Melissa

the Designer in Your Pocket!

I help coaches, course creators and virtual event planners launch their new offer without stepping a single foot in Canva!

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Having a Designer in Your Pocket means you'll have a cohesive and recognizable brand that your clients will know, like, and trust.

Benefits of having a Designer in Your Pocket in your corner:

Consistent branding that your clients can trust.

Cohesive designs that are recognizable.

Rapid turnaround times because your designer knows you, your business and you voice.

Focus more time on selling and LESS TIME IN CANVA.

❌ No more trying to do all your assets and video editing on your own!


❌ No more hiring multiple designers to do each and every thing!


❌ No more getting caught in the rabbit hole, known as Canva!

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Who is the Designer in Your Pocket for?

The Designer in Your Pocket was designed for anyone who has a continuous need of design help. This is for course creators, virtual event planners, coaches, or anyone who is consistently requiring assets or video editing for their business.

Is the Designer in Your Pocket a good fit for you?

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